In my Early 50’s, married to a Drama Teacher, and father to two ever-growing young sons. Outside of the family life and photography my interests include rambling, Formula 1 and I am an avid reader.

Photographic Style

My photographic style leans heavily on my original photographic interest of Landscape Photography. The appreciation this has given me of natural light allows me to get the best out of situations. Having said that Wedding Photography is a lot about moments / looks and I appreciate the need to capture these fleeting meaningful moments. I shoot for both colour and black & white, but if you love your black & white photography – so do I.


Its personal – I’ll meet with you beforehand so I can understand your requirements, I take the photos, I post process the digital images, and I design the albums. I have one of the top UK Wedding Album companies produce the albums I design, and when I have the opportunity I will normally personally deliver your Wedding Albums.

For the Techies!

I shoot Nikon Pro DSLR bodies (currently a D850 & D3S), and own a variety of top spec Nikon Lenses. For Post Processing I mainly use Lightroom, but also Photoshop and I do love my Nik Software plug-ins, particularly for Black and White Photos. And no need to be worried re the security of your Wedding Photos, I routinely back-up my digital files, including off-site back-ups.

if you are interested please contact me or have a further look at my wedding photography offering