Kira and Chris’s Wedding – the photos are available to view.

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Kira and Chris have returned from honeymoon, and have seen the pictures themselves, and are happy for everyone else to have a look-see.

Below are a handful of my favorites, and the rest are on my Flickr page to view. As I’ve set them so only my friends and family can view to see them you’ll need:

1. To be a Flickr member. (Its free, and if you’re not a member send me an email to and I will send you an invite – just need your name / email address / who you are re the wedding)

2. I must have you set as one of my friends and family on Flickr. It should work automatically if I invite you, but if it still doesn’t work – like it didn’t with Kira – then email me again and I’ll ensure you are on my friends / family list.

3. The link to the collection of wedding photos.  N.B. the link won’t work unless you are a member / I have you set as my friends and family.

I hope you enjoy looking through the wedding photos, the ones on Flickr and here are low resolution versions of the originals / have my watermark on them. High Resolution prints are available to buy from me, please email me for details.