Nervous About Having Your Wedding Photos Taken? Top Tips

Are you nervous about having your wedding photos taken? Do you find the idea of being photographed by a professional daunting? Well you are not alone!

Its your Big Day, and some photographer you hardly know is asking you to smile looking down the lens of the biggest camera you’ve ever seen!

My Top Tips:

  1. It’s a really good idea to get used to being photographed before your Big Day. That way you can get over any nervousness around the camera before the day that really matters!

  2. There are tried and tested ways to stand / pose to make you look relaxed and natural. Unless you are a really quick learner it will be too late to learn on the day!

  3. To allow you to relax more while the all important Bride & Groom shots are being taken make sure you find somewhere away from the Wedding Guests where you can be alone, with just you and the photographer.

Most of the couples I photograph will have met me several times before the Big Day, and the majority will have had at least one photo session with me where we can get used to working with the camera together, and where I can pass on my knowledge of relaxed / natural posing for photographs. I pride myself in getting nervous subjects relaxed around a camera and looking good in your wedding photos.

Sorry but it will still be one of the biggest cameras you’ve ever seen!

If you’d like to get an idea of how I can help the Big Day go well please contact me.