Top Tips for Wedding Day Timing

These are top tips re wedding day timing from the photography angle.

  1. Hair / make-up & getting dressed. however long you think it will take, think of a number, add it, then double it, then add a very large number! at the majority of weddings I’ve been involved with the bride has taken longer getting ready than she planned. it’s not a great start to your big day – you don’t want to be playing catch up for the rest of the day. with your hair & make-up agree both start and finish times with whoever is doing it, and don’t forget to allow time to get into that lovely dress. it will mean you may be late to the venue and/or there won’t be time for all those lovely bride at home type shots.

  2. group photos. agree a list of the group photos you’d like before the wedding. this will mean you can include the time its going to take for the group photos in your timetable for the day. it also helps to make this part of the day go smoothly. the group photos tend to be the last thing before going in for the meal – golden rule never keep the venue waiting.

  3. Time for bride & groom shots. agree a time for you to go off with the photographer for the bride & groom shots.

  4. have a detailed wedding timetable, and make sure you think about the photography aspect of it.

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